What fun concerts!!! Congratulations to all of the great talented student musicians!!!

It’s an inspiration to see and hear these amazing talents from 3rd to 12th grade in that incredible concert hall!!
What’s next?
For all elementary band students(all levels):
The next GREAT elementary band concert is May 5th
For elementary, middle and high school  students in books 6 or higher:
The VCS Radio Symphony is working on their next concert May 5th featuring the

Shostakovich’s Festive Overture

Arutunian’s Trumpet Concerto (featuring Allie Knitter 12th grade – solo trumpet with orchestra)

Mozart’s Horn Concerto #3 (featuring Casey Smith 12th grade – solo horn with orchestra)

For students in level 7 or higher:
The VCS Radio Jazz is working on their next performance at University of Nevada, Reno  April 18th featuring their own orchestration:

“Space Lounge”