VCS Radio Symphony Performs Fritz Lang’s complete Metropolis

After Eight Years… Metropolis returns to Vacaville fully digitally restored with the missing parts found in a vault in Argentina!
It’s considered to be the most influential sci-fi movie ever made --- inspiring such great films as Blade Runner and Star Wars! It was made in 1927 and was so expensive that it almost bankrupted the film company! Then came WWII and Fritz Lang fled to the United States, leaving the film to be all but destroyed.
In 2007 VCS Radio Symphony was the first orchestra in the United States to perform the music of Metropolis LIVE at Brenden Theaters with what was then as much of the classic film believed to be in existence at the time. One year later, with an odd turn of events a film curator of the Buenos Aires' Museo del Cine discovered a badly damaged film print in reels buried deep within the Argentinean film vaults. It turned out to be complete!! With all of the missing pieces found, the film can finally be shown as it was originally intended.
Fast forward to 2015… with the full film restored, VCS Radio Symphony has been given the opportunity to bring back the complete, fully restored 2 hours and 30 minute version of this magnificent film – complete with special effects still studied by film experts today!! And a film score magnificently created by German composer, Gottfried Huppertz! VCS Radio Symphony begins work on June 22.
Fritz Lang’s
Metropolis COMPLETE
With music performed by
VCS Radio Symphony
August 12 and 13 at 7:00pm
Brenden Theaters  - Vacaville, Ca.