VCS Radio Symphony partners with the Berlin's European Film Philharmonic Institute for Historic Project

Major events like this don’t happen quickly and not to everyone. It seemed impossible, but there it was! The Most famous epic icon of science fiction films -- the first of its kind in movie history -- found in its complete form in a vault in Argentina after 88 years! The missing parts of this mysterious film masterpiece are recovered!! And now the 2 hours and 27 minute classic film will premiere for the very first time in America accompanied LIVE by the VCS Radio Symphony?!?!
HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?? How does a small private school orchestra in Vacaville get the honor of being part of such significant history??

Well, it almost didn’t happen.
Think about it! Here’s the film that started it all! Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix, the list goes on and on -- and it’s been found under the most mysterious of circumstances and it needs a live orchestra to bring it back to life! What are the chances that a student orchestra would get the rights to perform such a feature?! 
For almost three years we were unable to secure the rights to perform the film score due to lengthy contractual tie-ups. Then, something wonderful happened! The European Film Philharmonic Institute, the Berlin based international professional orchestra producers, heard about our plight. These are the people who hold exclusive rights to the Metropolis score performance. With the help of the publisher they were able to cut through the red tape and not only make it happen for us, but they gave The VCS Radio Symphony honorable distinction of being the first orchestra in America to perform the COMPLETE METROPOLIS with Gottfried Hupertz original 1927 premiere score!!
VCS Radio Symphony is the flagship performance ensemble at The Radio Conservatory of the Arts at Vacaville Christian Schools. The VCS Radio Symphony is known as the world’s most advanced grade school student cinematic study and performance orchestra. VCS Radio Symphony has achieved international recognition for its work in restoring, preserving and recreating performances of classic cinematic musical scores – especially from the silent film era. The ensemble was the first in the United State to premier the then incomplete Metropolis with its original score in 2007, prompting the mayor of Vacaville to proclaim a day in their honor. Since that time VCS Radio Symphony has performed such full-length feature films as William Wellman’s Wings; Lotta Reiniger’s Adventures of Prince Achmed; Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights; Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last!; Douglas Fairbanks' Thief of Bagdad; Chaplin's Modern Times and their own composed orchestra film score to James Barrie's Peter Pan. In addition to full-length feature films, VCS Radio Symphony has been instrumental in producing performance restorations of scores for several animated and live action short films. These including such classics as early Popeye and Superman cartoons and the early Thomas Edison Films
Film with the live score performed LIVE by
VCS Radio Symphony
NEW Date: Tuesday August 11th, 2015 at 7:00
Wednesday August 12th, 2015 at 7:00pm
Brenden Theatres
531 Davis Street
Vacaville, Ca. USA
We’re grateful to The European Film Philharmonic Institute and are looking forward working with them this summer to make this historic occasion an amazing adventure for our students and the audience!