VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra to perform Saint-Saens Symphony #3

hey all, 

Our VCS kids are attempting the impossible... they're actually going to perform the Saint-Saens Symphony #3 --- that's right --- The Organ Symphony 

They're understandably nervous about it -- but they're ready --- 

Certainly on the list of the most epic of symphonies ever written, the Organ Symphony is extremely technically demanding --- and of course there's that little issue of the massive multi-million dollar cathedral-sized pipe organ needed to pull it off. There are no such mammoth instruments in Vacaville... 

How are we going to do this?!?!? 

Enter the Nord electronic organ on loan from sacramento... "OH MY!!!" is all I can say!!

come join us --- tickets at the box office...

The VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra
Symphony #3 (Organ Symphony)

Tuesday, May 16 at 7:30pm
at the
Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre  --- 1010 Ulatis Drive --- Vacaville

...and for those who want to hear the elementary young-ins -- just come early. The elementary kids do their thing at 6:30pm