VCS Radio Jazz will take their audience to Outer Space

Every year I present the VCS Radio Jazz students with a mental picture or framework of what their orchestrations and compositions must convey. This helps provide a fun foundation to build and direct their creativity. And OH MY, are they creative! 
This year the ensemble must “visit” a moon orbiting Saturn. The music must convey multiple scenes during their journey. Past Radio Conservatory students have traveled to space before. Each generation of students add their own interesting and original twist to this unusual theme.
This year their set is called “LIVE FROM SPACE LOUNCE” and it contains music with original orchestrations and original compositions including their own, “Beyond the Distant Horizon,” featuring  Brandon Karlson  on Theremin, and “Space Lounge,” featuring Evan Losoya on piano and Spencer Ekin on drums.
VCS Radio Jazz will present their completed performance set LIVE Friday April 24th at 4:00pm at the International Reno Jazz Festival
University of Nevada, Reno
The festival will include over 300 bands representing high schools, colleges and universities from around the world. VCS Radio Jazz will represent Vacaville Christian High school as the smallest school at the event.