VCS Radio Jazz students fit right in on the Hollywood entertainment scene!

15 hours of grueling work went well for the students’ first experience in the legendary Studio A at Capitol Records. I say “grueling,” but not really – the kids were taking it in stride. Spencer Ekin, the drummer for Radio Jazz chimed in toward the end, “Is it nighttime already?! I didn’t even know the sun had gone down!”
It’s hard for people to grasp how engrossing and time consuming an album project is. It’s about recording in the studio; first round of mixing in the control room; more recording; more mixing; even more mixing; then listening and re-listening to tracks and then more recording and mixing. Then it’s off to mastering – a whole involved process in of itself. But, it all has to start somewhere and Capitol studios is certainly a “somewhere” these kids will remember for the rest of their lives.
I did wonder how the parents might feel when they arrived with us at 8:00am and stayed until after 11:00pm. No problem: They were a huge help feeding; housing and transporting back and forth the musical troupes and even buying me a birthday cake!! The parents were instrumental in making this all come together. We are sooo blessed to have such great parents!!
The album project, called Space Lounge, is a collaborative work arranged by the students depicting an Earthling attempting to send a message into space to make contact on with other worlds! To his amazement, he’s answered and transported to a solar-system-wide celebration on a moon orbiting Saturn. The arrangements and even some of the full compositions are by the students.

Though the tracks have been recorded the project is still only about twenty percent completed. It’ll take weeks and even months before it’s ready for release. In the mean time they’ll be beginning the epic Complete Metropolis Film Project starting Tuesday morning and slated to be performed in August. Plus, three other major projects are scheduled for this coming season!
Waiting in the wings is a music video; a historic pre-WWII live broadcast re-creation; and a brand new orchestral score that they’ll compose, orchestrate and perform for a world premiere of a brand new western movie in 2016…