VCS Radio Jazz records their new album at Capitol Records this summer!

What does VCS Radio Jazz, Paul McCartney, Beach Boys, Katy Perry, Frank Sinatra, Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Sam Smith, The Beatles, Elton John, 5 Seconds of Summer and Dean Martin have in common? They all have albums recorded at the world famous Capitol Records Studios! At least, that’s what Radio Jazz will be able to say right after they begin work on their new album, Space Lounge at the iconic facility on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in June. We were able to secure a one-day “lockout” deal with Universal Music Group at their most prestigious Hollywood studio complex! How prestigious? Well… Our own jazz band Pianist, Evan Losoya (sophomore) will be playing the keys with our band on Nat King Cole’s personal Steinway grand piano shipped in from New York City while the parents watch from our posh upper-level private lounge overlooking the 19,440 cu ft. recording studio through soundproof windows few people ever get to view in their lifetime!
How are the acoustics? It was designed by the famous acoustician and guitar icon, Les Paul using natural underground reverberation caverns and perfectly created “floating” walls and floors that completely isolate the sound for some of the most beautiful recordings in history!
We’ll keep you posted with video documentation and photos of this amazing project!