VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble's new album is here -- Listen for free!!

New album by VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble


Yikes!! It's 2:30am and I'm posting. Well, it's because I've just finished mastering the kid's new album for your listening enjoyment!

If you think the great movie performance was the only thing our kids have been working on lately -- think again!! 

This album is called, "Think it Yourself Kit" and it's is really good!! You'll hear a fine example of our jazz students' amazing creativity and technical abilities.

Performed, composed and orchestrated by our VCS Radio conservatory students! Based on the works of Raymond Scott, J. S. Bach, Dvorak, and beatnik poet, Ken Nordine! Recorded at Skyline Studios -- Oakland, Ca. it was recorded in one day's session by these amazing young talents. 

You can listen to the entire album for FREE! 

You can also download or even buy a CD if you choose just go HERE