VCS Radio Conservatory students spend time in "The Cage"

It's designed to be a playground of sound -- a carousel of cacophony -- a center of sound effects -- well it was a construct of students designed and built years ago out of donated steel pipes and bridge parts (yes, I said bridge parts). The idea was to create a cage out of steel to hang, mount and set various sound making devices-- triangles of various sizes cow bells; bongos temple blocks. mark trees; wind chimes; bird whistles;  flexitones -- just about anything you could imagine. It's customizable for jazz; classical -- cinematic effects -- endless possibilities.

How does it work?? The musicians simply stand in the cage and let their creativity take flight! with wealth of sound-making devices. It'll be back in service with at least two "caged" (and very happy) students at our next elementary concert November 8th at 6:30pm at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre -- 1010 Ulatis Drive!