They did it!! Again!!

It was said that taking an almost impossible musical set like this would be sure to get them disqualified – a set that included what many believe to be the hardest work ever written for a jazz band and a live jazz film score orchestrated by the band members themselves and performed live on stage with the film on a big screen TV!! 

Judges always underestimate VCS. I think it’s because they see what looks like a group of young students from a school of a little over 200 attempting to perform in a high school division that caps at a population of 1100 students. When they say “small school,” I don’t think they really mean as small as us, but there they were -- being judged with superior scores and placing third. They keep taking risks and they keep holding their own. I have no idea what limits there are for this amazing group! PRAISE GOD for their talent and courage!!!
Comments from the judges:
“Fantastic!!  I've never seen anything like this at Reno Jazz Festival before!!”
“I haven’t heard music like this since I was in college!!”
“Very complex music and you pulled it off!!”

Each year the judges present an Outstanding Musicianship Award to a member of the band.  This year they presented the honor to three of our members!!  Congratulations to Spencer Ekin on drums; Evan Losoya on Piano and Ed Donofrio on clarinet and Theremin!!