The mystery of "Beyond the Mouse" is revealed! 

People have been asking about this project for a long time, but we had to wait until the time was right

In 2018... the time is right!! 
Beyond the Mouse Project #1

Georges Melies' A Trip to the Moon

Yes... the one featured in HUGO!

This is the one with the cringe-worthy, yet beautiful "rocket-ship-in-the-moon's-eye" shot. 

How are our own VCS students going to score this ground-breaking film? 

Well, let me tell you :) 

For the first part of our special project, we're going to go back to the first years of movie-making. we'll start in 1902 with one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, Georges Melies.  His groundbreaking skills and endless imagination truly brought dreams to the screen.

There's no secret about my love for pioneering film-making and especially for the music that has always been a part of its storytelling fabric. Even in n the very early pioneering days of silent films, many theaters had their own music directors who would weave together sections of classical or folk tunes in arrangements designed to fit the action on the screen as best they could. This type of improvisation gave way to full original orchestral compositions and performed live at the more expensive epic production premieres. 

The fascination with film and classical music continued, even into the sound era. Watch any Warner Brothers' Looney-Tunes cartoons. Bugs Bunny will surely give you a lesson in the great classics.

Of course a bit more of a serious classical connection was made in Disney's FANTASIA. This was a feature-length film containing a collection of short animations -- brilliantly set to composition of the great masters. While these examples were wonderful love letters to classical music and cinema, they certainly weren't the first. 

This is where Beyond the Mouse [get it??] project comes in. Join us as our VCS Radio Conservatory students explore the very beginnings of sound on silence. 

The students of the VCS Radio Symphony will be busily scoring the film with only their creativity and a library of classical music as their guide. 

VCS Radio Symphony will perform their score to Melies' A Trip to the Moon LIVE at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre Tuesday February 20th at 7:30 pm along with the VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble.

Tickets available soon.