STUDENT PROGRESS: Students are sooo good at VCS! / MARK 11:23 in action! 

When I started the conservatory trivium system I thought it would be great for our school. When the high school was re-opened  years ago at VCS, I had instituted 7 achievement levels, expecting that only a very few would make it to VII before high school graduation. Today we have  elementary students already at level VII and even a 6th grader at level IX!! That's right; the NINTH ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL! 

Well... I have Level X (10th level) in place, Reaching level X will be ridiculously hard, but I won't be thinking of it as a carrot any more. It's a miraculous level -- readily achievable by amazing VCS students who seem to clearly take Mark 11:23 to heart!! When that day occurs and a student makes level X, I'll open up a level XI... 

I don't know how many students are currently at VCS; I was told about 850. Well then, I can think of 850 reasons to come to work every morning and ONE ALMIGHTY person to thank for it!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!