Radio Symphony to perform Strauss and Williams LIVE at VPAT May 3rd

VCS Radio Symphony LIVE at VPAT Tuesday May 3rd at 7:30pm

The students of the VCS radio Symphony have been working hard preparing an amazing program for you!!

This concert we'll feature --

Richard Strauss' Till Eulenspiegel 
We programmed this to kick our butts technically and we certainly succedded in that :) Oh my!! 

I think the hardest part of performing this iconic comedy is the interpretation of the ending. The kids are having a heated debate about the curious musical ending. "Did Till really die or did he find a clever way to escape his execution?" Most  of the kids seem believe he escaped, -- a hopeful interpretation. A few believe he died but was soon replaced by another young man to carry on the mischief at the marketplace -- kind of a never-ending cycle. 

Strauss wrote of his work: 

"Up the ladder; There he swings; he gasps for air; a last convulsion; The mortal part of Till is no more." 

but he also wrote: 

"... For the rest, let the merry citizens of Cologne guess at the musical joke that a rogue has offered them!" That might suggest Till too clever to succumb to his death sentence or that Strauss is too clever a rogue to give us the answer... I want to believe the latter... :)  Hmmm... something else to keep me up nights... 

We'll also be performing --

John Williams' Star Wars main title transcription 
We programmed this because...  well... because it's STAR WARS!!  :)