Radio Jazz goes to Reno

Radio Jazz is heading to The Reno Jazz festival at The University of Nevada, Reno. April 10th through April 13th. They'll be taking their extremely difficult set which will include their own compositions and a film score based on the works of Raymond Scott and one of the most technically difficult pieces ever written for Jazz band by the famous jazz composer, Don Ellis in alternating 33/16 and 36/16 time. 

Tough sets are always fun to prepare. Many hours go into the process of researching orchestrating and finally performing. In the end, the students learn a lot; another culturally significant film gets a musical voice; and an audience gets a real exciting and entertaining experience! 

Radio Jazz will perform Saturday April 12th, at 3:40pm at the University of Nevada, Reno - Continuing Education Building lecture hall. See the performance list on the main page for address and directions.