QUESTION: What happens when a group of amazing VCS 3rd graders go to work? ANSWER: Amazing things happen! 

The talented beginners of the VCS Radio Conservatory have begun their 5th section on the song flutes and will soon be choosing their real musical instruments to begin their Adventure. It's incredible how fast they're progressing! 

They will be performing at a special concert on their song flutes November 8th at 6:30pm at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre - 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville along with the VCS Radio Elementary Wind Ensemble. 

What is a song Flute? It's a pre-wind instrument designed to introduce musical basics to young students in preparation for study on a "real" instrument. It's inventor, Elver J. Fitchhorn, called it a "a musical instrument of a flute-like nature" in his initial patent application back in 1939. Today, the song flute continues to be the primary beginner's pre-wind instrument at the VCS Radio Conservatory of Music.