Our 30th year of the conservatory gets recognized in a big way!!

This coming month marks the 30th concert season of the VCS Radio Conservatory. VCS didn't miss a beat in recognizing the milestone in music and broadcast media education at VCS  thanks to this announcement  by Paul Harrell, our VCS Head of School to the VCS Families last Tuesday:

VCS Families -  

There have been many events in the past few years that have pointed to exactly how blessed a place VCS is. We regularly see God's work in amazing ways through our incredible students, families, and our staff, and it is a privilege for me to work and serve here each and every day.  

Most recently, I have been struck by the work of the VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts. These students work hard to produce some of the highest quality musical productions I have ever experienced. These students have an incredible work ethic and a tireless commitment to perfect their musical craft. I am so impressed by each and every one of them.  

Equally impressive are the young student broadcasters who man the nationally affiliated VCS Radio (100.9 FM) station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These students broadcast weekly chapels, the Vacaville City Council meetings, special events on campus, their own radio shows, and interviews with notables - like professional musicians and state politicians. Once again, watching what these students do is unbelievably inspiring.  

I'd like to offer the VCS Radio Conservatory my heartfelt congratulations on their 30th anniversary. Mr. Martin, assisted by Mrs. Hopper, has done an exemplary job of producing a world class - more importantly - a heaven-class program. That is quite a legacy! I could not be prouder of this department in our school.  

Well done and may God richly bless you all,  

Paul Harrell  
Vacaville Christian Schools  
Head of School 

Thank you Mr. Harrell!! The encouragement certainly means a lot to all of us!!