Oh My! What a great February concert! So what's next?

So now after the great jazz and blues concert in February, we're gearing up for many new projects! VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble is heading to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley  to finish up their new album before they head to the University of Nevada, Reno for the Reno Jazz Festival; VCS Radio Symphony is preparing for their performance of Till Eullenspiegel; the composition students are tooling up to compose a brand new film score for a new release this spring with the VCS Radio Symphony; the VCS Radio Elementary Wind Ensembles are working on their new music and the VCS Explorer ensemble is working on themes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens for their May 3rd concert; the VCS Radio Chamber Ensembles are readying for their April recital and VCS Radio Broadcasting is busily running a 24hr radio station!

Yep, business as usual at VCS Radio's amazing conservatory