Modern Times in August 2014 Metropolis in 2015

It's amazing how things happen :) Metropolis will to be moved to August 2015 due to a film score scheduling conflict. The Good news is that we've signed on to perform the very rare screening of Charlie Chaplin's MODERN TIMES! 

Very few orchestras in the world are allowed to perform MODERN TIMES (arguably Chaplin's best)!!
This is by far my favorite of Chaplin's films and one of my favorite films of all time! the only problem has been that Chaplin's estate has only allowed a few conductors in the world to conduct the score live. This is due to its extreme difficulty. VCS Radio Symphony will be the first student orchestra in history to perform the movie.

MODERN TIMES will be performed at Brenden Theaters in Vacaville August 13th and 14th, 2014 @ 7:00pm -- one of the most technically difficult film scores ever written for a silent film!!! What an exciting project!!! More on this later!!!