Great honor band season for every auditioning student at VCS RC

A huge applause to the students who Auditioned for honor bands, representing VCS RC.
This year 6 students auditioned with 100 percent acceptance!

North Bay Honor Band (representing junior high and middle schools from Sacramento, Yolo and Solano Counties)
Performance at Pioneer High School, Woodland Ca.
Joy Merdia - clarinet (8th grade)
Kaden Connelley - trumpet (5th grade)
Emely Bancroft - clarinet (5th grade)

Solano County Honor Band (representing high schools in Solano County)
Performance at Vacaville Performing Arts Theater
Casey Smith - french horn (12th grade)
Jack Gardner - alto saxophone (9th grade)
Evan Losoya - oboe (10th grade)

Northern California Honor Band (representing high schools in northern California)
Performance at California State University, Chico, Ca.
Evan Losoya - oboe (10th grade)