Congratulations to the VCS Radio Symphony - another grand success!

I'm humbled by the enthusiasm and hard work of the students over these past several weeks! What a fun and exciting project! Charlie Chaplin displayed not only his genius, but his timelessness.

Projects like this take many people to make it happen. First thanks go to Bourne Publishing, Roy Exports, Brenden Theatres, for facilitating the venue, film and Timothy Brock's wonderful score restoration. Thanks to the parents who all supported the project! Thanks to those who spent days and evenings in the theater lobby selling tickets [shout-out to Mrs. Ingersoll for 8 years of valuable help!]. Thanks to the generous help of historians, David and Rena Kiehn of Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum for their hospitality in inviting the orchestra to tour Chaplin's film roots [the students loved their visit]. Thanks to the VCS Radio conservatory alumni and guest artists [both working with the current students and those in the audience] for their inspiring presence! Thanks to the faculty, staff and administration of Vacaville Christian Schools for their continued support of these monumental projects.

And, thanks to the local community! The huge audience was inspiring and the standing ovations appreciated by all involved. I think I'll be humming Modern Times themes for quite some time to come!

Thanks to the parents and students for the wonderful card and gift. That meant a lot to me! 

Onward to our next projects...