BIG summer for VCS Radio Conservatory

archive picture by Vera Tu - members of VCS Radio Symphony -- "a long day of rehearsal"

It's getting close to the beginning of the new school year and VCS Radio Conservatory hasn't missed a beat all summer! Programs such as achievement studies in instrumental music; film score synchronization; live production and studio recording have all had a place in the students' lives in these warm months of the year. 

For our advanced level students of the VCS Radio Symphony, this means more than 120 hours of study, rehearsal and production of the new movie presentation SUNRISE coming August 14, 15, and 16 at Brenden Theatres. This is not counting the many long hours of composition from our newly graduated student, Evan Losoya -- creator of the new score being premiered for the movie. 

For the students of VCS Radio Jazz, this summer will see the release of their new album, THE THINK-IT-YOURSELF KIT, scheduled for release along with the movie! 

We don't stop just because it's summer. There're too many great opportunities to study and grow and lots of time to make a real difference in the performing arts world. This is what the VCS Radio Conservatory is all about --- unparalleled excellence in arts education... 

Coming up... 

LIVE FILM PERFORMANCE -- SUNRISE: SONG of TWO HUMANS (Twentieth Century Fox) performed Live by VCS Radio Symphony with score by Evan Losoya. 
August 14, 15, and 16 at 7:00pm 

Tickets available at the door or online here: 


Beginning August 14. Information coming soon.