A typical summer weekend before a world premiere

It's Friday evening 4 weeks before a world premiere. VCS RC student, Evan Losoya (level X) is considering a slingshot occurring less than 10 seconds after the main title. The first 5 minutes has to be orchestrated, printed and ready for the orchestra's studio rehearsal by Monday morning. Consider those pesky hidden counterpoint errors! Where's the train bandit's leitmotif? VCS RC student, Jack Gardner (level IX) is busily working on it from home. It has to fit seamlessly into the orchestration without obscuring the main drive of the scene. Should the main character's motif be carried by the upper winds or would the brass be  better at reinforcing the tension? Now it's time to check and recheck the synchronization! It's going to be a long weekend! 

The weekend's still young, VCS RC students, Blare Braun (level VIII), Emily Rhodes (level VIII) and Kara Gonzales (level VI) are at Brenden Theatres happily talking to the public about Charlie Chaplin's most celebrated masterpiece, Gold Rush to be premiered August 16 and 17. Chaplin's estate executors and film industry producers send their well-wishes for another successful production from France,... from Germany... from the UK... from New York! 

Sounds a lot like a typical day at Walt Disney Studios! It's actually a typical day at VCS Radio Conservatory where the composition students are creating an original film score for a new action western movie to premiere with the VCS Radio Symphony along with the newly restored Chaplin film set forBrenden Theatres August 16 and 17 at 7pm!