8/12/13 - Reasons not to miss the August 14 and 15 premiere of THIEF OF BAGDAD

A classic story
A thief enters a palace to steal from the royal family but instead falls in love with the princess. How does he capture her heart? By making himself a prince – not an easy task when you’re a common thief. There are dragons to slay; fiery depths to scale; and armies to defeat. So goes the classic love story -- complete with winged horses, flying carpets and cloaks of invisibility [Hey! How did Harry Potter get into this?!] 

A stunningly beautiful restoration
Douglas Fairbanks’ 90-year old film is stunningly beautiful – newly restored to it’s pristine grandeur by the amazing studio that did the digital post production for James Cameron’s Oscar-winning, Avatar

It's a World Premiere
It’s the first time this restored version is to be performed with a live orchestra using the celebrated European film composer, Carl Davis’ score -- originally commissioned by Thames/Channel 4 Productions for an earlier version set for broadcast in the U.K.

It's an amazing orchestra from VCS
Breaking new ground is very familiar to the VCS Radio Conservatory. In 2007 the VCS Radio Symphony gained international notoriety for being the first orchestra to perform Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with the original score since it’s Berlin debut in 1927. Later, VCS Radio Jazz rocked the Avant-Garde scene with their original composition, Electrical Resonance Symphony debuted at the Other Minds International Festival of New Music in San Francisco that the SF Civic called “Astounding as both a composition and performance!” In 2011 the same student ensemble composed the first score for the late, Art Clokey’s NBC 1950’s pilot episode of the iconic “Gumby” series called, “Gumby on the Moon!” Then in 2012 The VCS Radio Symphony composed and performed a completely new orchestral score to the 1924 classic feature-length film, Peter Pan. (Yes, these are VCS Students!) – Top that off with their scores to the nationally award-winning sci-fi radio drama, UNIT X-7, and you have a resume of “firsts” like no other school in the world! 

Well, you’ll simply have to see it to believe it!

Douglass Fairbanks’ Thief of Bagdad
Featuring VCS Radio Symphony performing live with the film
August 14 and 15 at 7:00pm
Brenden Theatres in Vacaville
Tickets are $15 at the box office in advance or at the performance.

for information visit THIEF OF BAGDAD page.