6/25/13 - Radio Symphony takes on DCP

 What is DCP?

When you went to see MAN OF STEEL or IRONMAN this summer, you were watching a movie in DCP. That’s why it was so crisp and clear. Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the super high resolution format used in major movie theaters for the latest movie releases.

The switchover from 35mm film to DCP is very new and has many advantages -- the biggest being that movies in DCP will no longer face degradation of quality as the 1,000th screening will look the same as the first. One major drawback is that older film prints on 35mm reels can’t be shown because most theaters had to scrap their 35mm projection systems in order to replace them with the new digital setups. This means that classic movies created on 35mm film will have to undergo a complete digital transfer to DCP in order to be seen in their full resolution on the big screen.

This is where The Radio Conservatory at Vacaville Christian Schools comes in.

Known for their study and presentation of film history spanning close to 100 years, VCS-RC students (and their teacher) are passionately involved in musical score restoration and presentation from early cinema -- bringing the experience to modern audiences with a fresh perspective. Their next cutting-edge project will be a complete musical score of Carl Davis performed live to the restored DCP version of Douglas Fairbanks epic, THIEF of BAGDAD. This will be a major feat when presented by the VCS Radio Symphony on August 15th and 16th at Brenden Theaters at 7:00pm.

In upcoming articles we’ll explore this fascinating and adventurous project as the VCS students work with film and music industry specialists on two continents. We’ll see how the film genius of Douglas Fairbanks created a masterpiece 90 years ago that inspired the likes of George Lucas and Walt Disney; how his legendary film got its complete digital restoration by the same artists that did digital post-production for James Cameron’s AVATAR. We’ll watch modern technology meet history to create a stunning authentic film experience you won’t soon forget!

And that’s just the beginning…  

For more information about the THIEF OF BAGDAD click here.