6/21/13 - How to sign up for 6th Grade music class

For 6th grade student to continue in band there are two classes to choose from 

Intermediate Band – for any student who completed 5th grade band at VCS

This class is an elective. All student who finished the 5th grade band at levels I, II or III is automatically advanced to level IV in the 6th grade. Achieving level VI makes the student eligible for VCS Radio Symphony

VCS Radio Symphony – for any student at achievement level VI or higher

This class is offered in the evenings so the student is free to choose an additional elective for the class schedule.


Does my child get to take other electives in middle school if they are in band? Yes. Once the student reaches achievement level VI he/she is invited into the VCS Radio Symphony. These are evening sessions leaving the student’s elective time open to choose other subjects. 

When does Intermediate Band meet? Monday through Friday during 5th period

When do the Evening classes meet for VCS Radio Symphony? Mondays and Thursdays 6:00pm to 8:00pm

If my child passes into level VI over the summer or during the school year may he/she change from Intermediate Band to VCS Radio Symphony? Yes this would open the student’s elective to transfer into another subject. Some students choose to stay in the Intermediate Band for fun and to get additional chamber music experience.

You can call or email me any time if you want to talk music for your child!