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VCS Radio Symphony Special Christmas Tour

VCS Radio Symphony performs private concerts for various convalescent hospitals in the area. These performances are exclusively for the residents and not open to the public.


VCS Radio Elementary Explorer Ensembles LIVE Blues Festival

Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Ca.

Nothing says, "Blues" like elementary artists!! Join us as they explore their musical talent with influences from such jazz legends as John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Sun Ra!

Ticket also includes free admission to the 7:00 pm VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz Concert!

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VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz Ensemble LIVE

Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Ca.

VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble --

Pictures at a Jazz Exhibition

This is a unique eclectic jazz retelling of Mussorgsky's masterpiece by the talented students of the ensemble

Sammy Timberg -- The Superman Series – (1941)

Episode One -- Mad Scientist

Superman must stop a maniacal genius and his pet parrot from wreaking havoc on the City of Metropolis.

Episode Two -- Billion Dollar Limited

Robbers try to heist a trainload of gold bars. Reporter, Lois Lane is on the case for a story. Superman must stop the runaway train and save the day!

About the Superman Project:

Sammy Timberg was best known for his work with Max and Dave Fleischer of Fleischer Studios, who produced classic cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye. His work in the Superman series of films was truly iconic. However, much of the original scores from this masterful animation series has been lost to time. The VCS Radio Conservatory is honored to be given the long-term opportunity to fully restore and perform lost works LIVE with the film; two episodes per year.

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VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz -- Superman LIVE at the Empress

Empress Theater, 330 Virginia St, Vallejo, California

VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz will present

Radio Jazz -- Pictures in Jazz -- score based on Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

Max Fleisher's Superman -- The Mad Scientist and Billion Dollar Express

Thomas Edison's -- Land Beyond the Sunset

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VCS Radio Symphony LIVE

Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Ca.

Alexander Arutiunian -- Concerto for Trumpet

Arutunian, a composer of Armenian descent, was profoundly influenced by the folk music of his homeland but this is an entirely original piece meant to evoke the flavor of Armenia – without borrowing the meat of the dish. With a “flashy...gypsyish, Russian, Armenian kind of sound, with very soulful, beautiful melodies...”, the piece focuses on the trumpet and percussive instruments.

Featuring sophomore trumpeter, Kaden Connelley.

Ludwig van Beethoven -- Overture 3: Leonore Opus 72

Rounding out our performance season is a singular work by the Master, Ludwig van Beethoven. This year commemorates the 250th birthday of a beloved composer known throughout the world. This piece, however, is not so widely known. It comes from his one and only Opera, “Fidelio” which tells the story of passionate and triumphant marital love and the struggle for liberty and justice.

Thomas Edison's Land Beyond the Sunset (1914) –

A short film produced by Edison Studios This monumental and important 14 minute film tells the tragic story of Joe, a young and impoverished newsboy and his yearning for a better life. The students of the VCS Radio Symphony will be developing a piece to accompany this film and look forward to presenting this work at their final performance in May of 2020.

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