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VCS Radio Symphony scores THE LOST WORLD - release date: August 13th

This summer the epic saga of Jurassic World premieres in theaters as the latest epic dino-movie. VCS Radio Conservatory will score the original 1925 epic film, THE LOST WORLD, by special effects master, Willis O'Brien (KING KONG). Under the brilliant and painstaking search and restoration SUPPORT of such organizations as UCLA and the Acadamy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this film has been restored with it's missing footage believed lost forever! 

VCS Radio Conservatory will do its part by composing a new musical score to be premiered LIVE with the film by the world-renown VCS radio Symphony from Vacaville Christian Schools.

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Farewell to seniors!

I don't have allergies, but for some reason, my eyes always seem to get a bit red and watery around May. Maybe it's not allergies. Could it be that this is the month my senior students graduate? Could it be the fact that they were my students since they were 3rd graders ten years ago? 

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VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz -
Sound Art Central Radio Show

from our Studios at the VCS Radio Conservatory

Join us as our student creative artists share their incredible talents --- 7:00 pm on 100.9 FM & HD1. And 24 hours a day on HD2. Also online:

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VCS Radio Symphony - Christmas LIVE Radio Show

Solano Town Center, 1350 Travis Blvd., Fairfield, CA.

Join us at Solano Town Center (Solano Mall) for a LIVE traditional Christmas Concert!

Admission is free.

Our yearly Christmas performance of traditional music to spread the spirit of the season will also be broadcast LIVE On KVCB 100.9 FM and on


VCS Radio Symphony LIVE in special private concerts

various convalescent hospitals

Special performances for residents of local convalescent homes and hospitals. (not open to the public)

12:00 pm to 5:30 pm

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