Welcome to 2020!!

BACK TO WORK IN 2020!!   

For me, this is year 35. Aside from a few more buildings, not much has changed. There still seems to be exhilarating energy at VCS. I thought it was just a passing phase. Things can't stay this good all the time. How can so much be accomplished by a small school in Vacaville? I can't walk three steps on campus without meeting someone who inspires me. We have the hardest working students (Who said today's youth is lazy?!?!); the best teachers (oh my!!! the best teachers!!!), and admin crew that doesn't know the meaning of a day off.   

 What's going on in the Conservatory for 2020  

Here's just a small sample:  

NEW -- CRO broadcast engineering certification -- This is the first of it's kind for second-semester middle school broadcasters! Open to all current VCS Radio Broadcasting students; this first-level nationally recognized engineering certification will help ensure a prosperous future for students choosing this career path. We're the first and only school in the experimental program at this age-level. Can our VCS kids handle it? Of course, they can :) 

Superman WWII score restoration project -- Working with prominent film and music historians and the estate of the original composer, our kids will be restoring all of the lost scores of the late Fleischer Brothers 1940's groundbreaking animated series. The first two episodes in this 4-year project will be presented in concert on February 11th. How can grade-school kids accomplish this? With the kind of work ethic that they show every day!! 

Safety Last Project - Harold Lloyd's legendary feature-film masterpiece has been completely restored with the score of the masterful English Composer, Carl Davis. The VCS Radio Symphony is set to perform the work in August of 2020.   

Is there more??  

Yes, so much more!!  

We'll be celebrating the experiments of Thomas Edison in April, tackling Beethoven in May, exploring the secrets of the dramatic arts in June.   

Changing the world -- discovering new adventures -- forging new paths in creativity -- it's what we do at VCS!!