VCS Radio Symphony scores THE LOST WORLD - release date: August 13th

This summer the epic saga of Jurassic World premieres in theaters as the latest epic dino-movie. VCS Radio Conservatory will score the original 1925 epic film, THE LOST WORLD, by special effects master, Willis O'Brien (KING KONG). Under the brilliant and painstaking search and restoration SUPPORT of such organizations as UCLA and the Acadamy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this film has been restored with it's missing footage believed lost forever! 

VCS Radio Conservatory will do its part by composing a new musical score to be premiered LIVE with the film by the world-renown VCS radio Symphony from Vacaville Christian Schools.

This next major student endeavor will be the VCS Radio Conservatory's 26th film score project, ranging from the legendary METROPOLIS to the early cinematic works produced by Thomas Edison. THE LOST WORLD performances will be at Brenden Theatres August 13, 14, and 15. Tickets will be available starting July 25th, 2018. These performances are sure to sell out fast!