The VCS Radio Jazz band treks to Skywalker Ranch to produce an album! Two days later, this is what happened!!

VCS Radio Jazz at the studio lounge courtyard at Skywalker ranch!
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VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble's latest album, entitled "Spectrum" is officially released! 

Recorded the famous Skywalker Sound Studio, this album shows the incredible talent of these young aspiring artists! The VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble are members of the VCS Radio Symphony who prepare eclectic music from many influences. Known as the "steampunk" jazz high art group, this unique band uses retrofuturism to present an unusual multimedia experience in live performance. 

It's the perfect group to record at George Lucas' mysterious Skywalker Sound Studio! With the help of the masterful engineering staff at Skywalker Ranch, their two-day adventure presented music I'm sure you'll love! 

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