Ralph's Statement -- August 10th, 2020 - My first day as the official director of the VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts

I'm both excited and a bit scared (just a bit) to begin my first official day as the head of the expanded conservatory that currently covers all performing arts at VCS. Part of my job is to act as an advocate for the arts at VCS. Another is to foster collaboration between staff, parents, and students for amazing joint projects. In these times of COVID-19, we have the blessing of many options to advance the arts into a world-class department at VCS! 

The ink hasn't dried on my contract and already God has been working His will.  

The new VCS Radio Outdoor Pavilion for larger performances includes a giant 33-foot inflatable movie screen, high-powered projector, and space for hundreds of patrons (100 maximum during the current restrictive conditions). Live outdoor concerts, student film festivals are just a couple of the opportunities available. The Rock Garden at the Pavilion is for smaller outside recitals, lectures, and just a quiet place for inspiration. Special thanks to Mrs. Strickland and Mrs. Cassinelli and many parents for this amazing new garden featuring a giant boulder they created out of concrete!  

A new storage unit was donated to us to help in our development. This is a blessing that will make it possible to grow with important storage needs like musical equipment, stage sets, and props, and allowing for more space in our conservatory music library. VCS Radio is getting a new live-streaming app and VCSTV will be going High Definition 1080p for live streaming! 

Take some time to go in and visit Mr. Brown's new video production studio, Mrs. Brassfield's new vocal studio, Mrs, Strickland's new choir and chapel band vision, Mrs. Cassinelli's drama curriculum. They've all been working through the summer to develop a showplace of media creativity!  

The one thing I know is that becoming an administrator is not a promotion, it's a demotion to a leader. It's a position I'm honored to take. For now, I'm in prayer and consultation with those I serve. These are the conservatory teachers, students, their parents, and the greatest artist in the universe, God!  

"But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."      Mark 10:43-45

May the Lord grant me both the power and the weakness to serve His will.