Mr. Martin's final rant for 2018

Merry Christmas!! It's A time to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!!! 

Just so you know: Barney, the purple conservatory truck is back from the doctor!   

Many have asked what I plan to do on vacation. I will be here at VCS, doing what I love. It gives me a chance to catch up on the many things I wanted to accomplish and just didn't have the time while class was in session. 

I'm rewiring the radio station studio D. It needs it. 

I'm creating an all-new online music theory curriculum for the conservatory students.  

I'm finishing up the new radio station/conservatory Android and Apple app. Still a slight sticking point in getting it in the app store. (I'm still trying to get my Apple developer's license - I have Android's already). Stay tuned!! It'll be really cool !! 

I'm finishing the student path for the SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers) certification program [Phase One -- Radio Station Operations Certification] for our broadcasting kids. Some of our students will actually have official nationally recognized post-nominal engineering letters after their names! :) 

We're welcoming some new teachers second semester for trumpet, oboe, horn, and flute. We keep growing!!!

Plus, student composition and orchestration in preparation for the Lucas Films album will be completed over the holidays. 

Of course, I'll be joining my family for Christmas eve and day :) 

I will also be thinking about all of you!! I'll be praying for tremendous blessings on the staff, VCS admin, and their families; the parents and students; the many industry specialists and artistic producers who inspire me every day! You are the true superheroes! Thank God for you!!! 


Just wait!!! 2019 will be even better than ever!!