VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble to produce album at Lucasfilm Ltd.

Jazz Band to produce their next album at the legendary Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California in May!

The sounds of the iconic Star Wars Saga came from the minds of George Lukas and his company nestled in a country ranch surrounded by vineyards and yes, Lake Ewok!!

With the closing of Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, it was a struggle finding a new recording home large enough for our growing ensemble. The only other west-coast studio with the facilities we need is Capitol Records in Hollywood, a wonderful place where the kids have worked before, but scheduling crunches and transportation concerns were looming.

An engineer suggested Skywalker Sound. I first thought, "You're kidding! The actual studio of Star Wars!?!? Not much chance of that happening, but we'll give it a try." That's when I spoke with Leslie Ann Jones with  Lukasfilm LTD who agreed to take us on! We're doing it!!

With all of the film scoring our kids do every year, what a fitting location to allow our talented students a chance to flex their creative powers at the famous Skywalker Sound studios!  

Look for their new release in August of 2019