35 VCS students are the stars in Vallejo Thursday night in an epic display of their talent!!

VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra and Jazz ensemble 

VCS Radio Drama Players (Debut) 

VCS Radio FX Engineers (Debut) 

LIVE at the Empress Theater 
330 Virginia St, Vallejo CA 94590   

Thursday, March 12th at 7:30 pm 
tickets available at the box office or online

This concert marks the debut of the new Drama and FX teams at the VCS Radio Conservatory.   

Superman and fearless reporter Lois Lane fight for truth, justice, and the American way!!   

In 1941 Paramount Pictures set out to put superman comics on the big screen for the first time. They spared no expense to hire the most talented artists in the business, such as legendary filmmakers Max and Dave Fleischer, and composer Sammy Timberg. The result was a great film series that set the standard of excellence in animated cinematic art!  

The Music 

The epic proportion of the masterwork brings us to this Thursday's performance. To reproduce such a feat in real-time with live actors and live music is a huge undertaking. Film music scoring is one of the VCS Radio Conservatory's specialties. With over a dozen feature films under their belts, the students have proven well prepared to tackle even the most demanding cinematic projects. Superman has proven exceptionally rough due to the sheer speed of the music. In 1941, the original musicians recorded in small sections rather than the live synchronization that will be attempted this Thursday by our kids!  

Watch the original 1941 pilot episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UJphNPwDfk&t=186s   

Our new drama team 

What makes this epic event even more noteworthy is that the film will be voice-acted LIVE by the new VCS Radio Drama Players! You can't get a more auspicious debut! The talented troop will present the script in its original trans-Atlantic accent, a type of distinctive speech that only existed in the early and mid 20th century. This vocal sound was what made movies of that time sound like "movies of that time."   

Stars of the LIVE film experience 

VCS Radio Drama Players Josh Gorton as the Narrator and chief of the Daily Planet newspaper; Jayla Prothro as Lois Lane; Gabe Cabezas as Superman; and Emma Reheis as the Evil Mad Scientist. 

Sound FX in its original state 

Voice acting and music aren't the only sounds emanating from motion pictures. You have to have sound effects that bring the action to life. Our effects team includes members of the cast as well as the orchestra using impressive FX that range from a bicycle to the 250,000-volt tesla coil. You're in for an exciting live performance in a movie palace that screened the original series back in the 1940s! 

Thomas Edison's masterpiece  

The performance will also include a stunning restoration of the 1912 masterpiece by Thomas Edison, "Land Beyond the Sunset" scored by the VCS Radio Symphony based on the works of Moussorgsky.  

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