Farewell to seniors!

I don't have allergies, but for some reason, my eyes always seem to get a bit red and watery around May. Maybe it's not allergies. Could it be that this is the month my senior students graduate? Could it be the fact that they were my students since they were 3rd graders ten years ago? 

Many parents ask me how I handle the loss of senior students every year. Don't they leave an awful hole when they go? Well, I do miss them, but seniors are supposed to leave. That's the beauty of the Trivium philosophy on which our conservatory is built. By the time they're seniors, they're ready to take a more significant role in their own education; ready to mentor and show compassion; ready to humble themselves and know God is their perfect guide. I can take comfort in the fact that they no longer need me. I can thank God that I had ten long years to witness His work in them! I can be encouraged and inspired by the fact that seniors never leave a hole; they leave a legacy.

All the best to the class of 2018!

Pictured above are some seniors chillin' after the Sheherezade performance project at VPAT in May 2018 (photo by Vera Tu)