BREAKING NEWS: VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble featured before thousands at Reno festival - takes several awards

VCS radio Jazz Ensemble spent the last four days at the Reno Jazz Festival, the largest of it's kind in the world. Schools from all over the country bring their jazz bands to attend clinics and to perform in competition. VCS is the smallest school of the schools throughout the nation who brought with them a total of more than 300 bands to participate. 

VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble takes 1st place in their division -- that's a big thing

What's bigger is that the judges awarded an  "outstanding musicianship medal" to each member of the band! That's a first in the festival's history!

What's even bigger still was that VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble gave a feature performance at the festival's showcase concert at the Lawlor Event Center in front of an audience of thousands! This is not only a un1que honor for our school but a first for a small school in the festival's half-century history!


Watch a video from the event here