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Our Feature Ensembles

VCS Radio Symphony
VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble
VCS Radio Elementary Explorer Ensembles
-- 170 students (creative artists) studying in a totally creative environment --

Ralph Martin - Conservatory Education Director / Teacher / Conductor / Woodwind Specialist / KVCB Broadcasting Director
Sandra Cassinelli - Administrative Assistant
Ally Haney-Albrecht - Upper Brass Specialist
James Wright - Low Brass Specialist
Robert Nadler - Percussion Specialist
 Current programs (grades 3 to 12) include beginning to advanced
Instrumental Music Studies & Performance
Music Composition & Orchestration
Cinematic Score Restorations
Media Broadcasting
Studio Recording
Film Scoring
Our Feature Venues
Brenden Theatres
VCS Radio 100.9 FM / HD
Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre

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VCS Radio Symphony
VCS Radio Jazz
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