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Our Jazz band actually stopped a train Saturday! What happened?

(photo by Vera Tu)

Saturday afternoon was alive with JAZZ as the VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble presented their unique brand of music to an enthusiastic audience. It was part of the 3-day outdoor Vacaville Jazz Festival being hosted at Nut Tree Plaza this last weekend. The problem was the train that circled the plaza's outside park area where the band was to perform. The train whistle and bell were so loud that it would have ruined the performance. Blowing the piercing whistle and clanging the bell is required of the train at all of the park entrances for safety. 

The train is part of the business of Nut Tree. It has to run! Well, maybe not.

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VCS Radio Conservatory reveals their new world-class concert season (#33)



The VCS Radio Conservatory Presents 

The VCS Radio Explorer Ensemble
The VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble 
The VCS Radio Symphony  


Last year's projects represented a fantastic achievement for VCS conservatory students! Fans witnessed the groundbreaking film score to "The Lost World," the students' national recognition from DownBeat Magazine, and their excellent new album recorded at the legendary Fantasy Studios! With all that success, what's in store for year thirty-three?  

This upcoming season is the most challenging and exciting to date! We'll be celebrating the music of America's most noted  composer, Leonard Bernstein on his 100th birthday with "Symphonic Dances from West Side Story." We'll be performing the original 40-minute symphony of Johan de Meij -- based on Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings!" Of course, as is the tradition, the VCS Radio Symphony members select a musical work scheduled to be performed this season by the San Francisco Symphony. The students will attend their concert and then perform that same work themselves here in Vacaville. This year the students chose Richard Strauss' extremely challenging tone poem, "Don Juan!"  

Our season's grand finale will be the amazing Buster Keaton feature film, "Steamboat Bill Jr." with music by the VCS Radio Symphony LIVE.



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Meet the VCS student composers of THE LOST WORLD -- World Premiere

Pictured above -- Part of the composition team for THE LOST WORLD!

The best action dinosaur movie was made in 1925. Who Knew??

Well, our VCS students did. They've just composed a complete original orchestral score for the one-hour-forty-minute feature film to be performed LIVE at Brenden Theatres August 13, 14, & 15 at 7:00 pm by our own VCS Radio Symphony!

The kids finished the complete film score composition requiring 43 separate cues! They completed the orchestrations in just over six weeks - not bad for kids :) This is the kind of stuff usually done by professionals such as John Williams! For kids, this is quite an undertaking, but they've had a lot of experience doing world-class projects! This is the VCS Radio Conservatory's 23rd historic musical score project ranging from researched restorations to full original compositions.

Daily orchestra rehearsals for the Lost World, ahead of the compositions, started in mid-June. They'll be working on logistics and putting in the last touches before the run-through rehearsal on August 13th in the morning at the movie theater. 

Of course, you can't have a proper action dino movie score without special sound effects! 

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VCS RADIO SYMPHONY SCORES THE LOST WORLD August 13, 14 and 15 at 7:00pm - Brenden Theatres

VCS RADIO SYMPHONY SCORES THE LOST WORLD August 13, 14 and 15 at 7:00pm - Brenden Theatres
This summer, the epic motion picture, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, premiered in theaters as the latest action dino-movie. This summer, the VCS Radio Symphony students will score the original 1925 epic film, THE LOST WORLD by special effects master, Willis O'Brien (KING KONG). Under the brilliant and painstaking search, restoration and support of Lobster Films, Flicker Alley Films, as well as such organizations as UCLA and the Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This film has been restored with its' missing footage believed lost forever!  

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Upcoming Performances


VCS Radio Symphony - Christmas Tour

various locations

traditional Christmas music performed at various local convalescent homes.

---Private performance---


VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble in recording sessions

Private sessions. New album release date to be announced.


VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble in recording sessions

Private sessions. New album release date to be announced.


VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz -
Sound Art Central Radio Show

from our Studios at the VCS Radio Conservatory

Join us as our student creative artists share their incredible talents --- Saturdays at 7:00 pm on 100.9 FM & HD1 -- 24 hours a day on HD2. 

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